To decide on changes in the range and amount of end products (in mechanical engineering) or services (in maintenance and repair), capital expenditures for retrofitting, reconstruction or greenfield construction projects need to be evaluated. Without this information, it is impossible to assess economic feasibility of such change.

JSC Giprotyazhmash Institute has:

Experienced specialists who have implemented a lot of projects in their respective fields and are able to quickly identify activities necessary for the operation of a new or upgraded production facility.

A plethora of data on physical and cost parameters of completed projects (including primary and secondary production facilities, power engineering facilities, amenities and social facilities).

Both for its regular and new customers, Giprotyazhmash collects data about the customer’s business condition and needs (as part of technical assistance) and prepares materials required by the Customer to get budget lines approved by an Investment Committee or for the purposes of decision making by major shareholders.

If the available material is not sufficient (such as in order to obtain a bank loan), the Institute will prepare pre-design documentation in the required format. This will include a description of all critical decisions and related cost estimates prepared on the basis of comparable projects and also a cost effectiveness analysis.