Major Projects


Giprotyazhmash has developed designs for building heavy engineering plants, such as Uralmashazavod in Sverdlovsk, Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil, Novo-Kramatorsky Plant in Kramatorsk, the Turbine Generator Plant and the Tractor Plant in Kharkov, and the October Revolution Plant in Lugansk.

A machine building facility was created using the assets of the evacuated Novo-Kramatorsky Plant in the town of Elektrostal in the east of the Moscow Region. It was used as a basis for the evolvement of today’s Elektrostal Heavy Engineering Plant (EZTM).

People’s Republic of Bulgaria

Designing a heavy engineering plant in Radomir.

People’s Republic of China
Designing a new heavy engineering plant in Fulaerdi.

Giprotyazhmash has designed a heavy engineering plant in Ranchi and a mining machinery plant in Durgapur.