A completed maintenance and repair shop for passenger cars (LVChD-16) is intended for TO-3 maintenance and TR repair of various types of passenger cars, including advanced (double-deck) new generation cars, and repair of subassemblies. The following facilities have been built: a TO-3 and TR maintenance and repair shop; an accumulator repair department and a filter washing area; an electric car garage and an implements storage; a wheelset warehouse; a mattress storage hangar; a charcoal warehouse; a building for the technical repair team; a garage of the Transport Department; a repair site of the Maintenance and Repair Department; a fitting site of the Operations Department; a waste holding area.

Construction period: 10/2010 – 12/2012.


Construction of a Maintenance Depot for Desiro Electric Trains on the North Caucasian Railway (Adler)

A Multiple Unit Depot for Maintenance of Desiro Electric Trains

The multiple unit depot is intended for scheduled maintenance of Siemens Desiro trains according to the VI; Il÷I6 Maintenance Scope, as well as unscheduled maintenance.

Maintenance and repairs are performed on two tracks of the multiple unit depot, one of which is stub ended, and the other is through. Both tracks have 3 kV and ~ 25 kV contact busbars (Desiro is a dual-mode train). On the through track, it is planned to install a machine tool for machining of wheelsets without removing them.

The project will build the following depot facilities: a multiple unit depot and a component warehouse.

Construction period: 06/2010 — 12/2012.