Since 1991, Giprotyazhmash has been acting as the general designer for the development of production facilities at Metrovagonmash plant as part of the following projects:
— Construction of workshops 217 and 317 to build a new series of metro cars;
— Reconstruction of ASK-30 to expand car-building facilities;
— Construction of a pickling department in pressing building No. 18;
— Reconstruction of the bead blasting area for bogie frames of metro cars;
— Retrofitting of the galvanizing department for serially produced parts in painting workshop No. 39;
— Reconstruction of the second aisle in workshop No. 317 to arrange for body assembly;
— Retrofitting of the nitriding and isothermal hardening department in the thermal area in workshop No. 5;
— Construction of a metal warehouse;
— Construction of a workshop to prepare metro cars and rail buses for shipment.