The Solntsevo Electric Engine House (TCh-18) is a base depot for maintenance and repair of 81-760/761 “Oka” electric stock models and the railcars of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line and the first section of the Third Interchange Circuit of the Moscow Metro.

The interconnected building uniting the special vehicles depot, the motorization base and the rail-welding station is intended for storage, maintenance and current repair of track construction machines, railcars and trailing stock, as well as for production of non-standard equipment for the needs of the line services and the manufacture of rail bars up to 138 m long.

The following facilities within the Solntsevo Electric Engine House have been designed by JSC “Giprotyazhmash” and the engaged subcontractor entities:

* the main storage and repair building;

* the administration and accommodation building;

* the interconnected building of the special vehicles depot and the rail-welding station;

* the operational staff building;

* the transforming substation building;

* the compressor station building;

* the group of tracks with points;

* the equipment for highbay lighting of groups of tracks and for security lighting;

* the storage locations for materials and related cargoes;